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Christmas Home Tour 2023

Christmas Home Tour 2023

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Christmas Home Tour 2023.

There is a video of our home tour a little further down on this page. 

I’m a little embarrassed to be posting this, “Christmas Home Tour” video as it feels a bit pretentious.

However, last year I made a similar video and I found it fun to watch and look back on how I decorated last year.

Each year I try to improve and/or change up my home decoration style—especially during the holidays and that is no exception with Christmas this year.

A few new things I did this year were to add swag bunches onto the Newel posts on my stairs and to put our Christmas books underneath our blue and white Christmas tree. I also completely switched up our front porch decor with a Peace on Earth display. 

In addition, I’ve seen other Christmas home tours on other blogs and I appreciate seeing how other people decorate and learn from and get inspiration from them as well.

So, I decided I’d post this home tour in hopes it will help or inspire another and if not, it is a fun way for me to remember 2023.

Christmas Home Tour 2023

Specific items in the Christmas Home Tour 2023 video which I have posted about 

Peace on Earth Front Door Decor

Christmas Home Tour 2023

Nutcracker Tablescape

Christmas Home Tour 2023

Simple Nativity Mantel Decor

Christmas Home Tour 2023

Santa Claus Themed Christmas Tree

Christmas Home Tour 2023

Blue and White Christmas Tree


Christmas Home Tour 2023

German and Nordic Christmas Decorations (I moved them from the piano to the table for a fun Nordic tablescape)

Christmas Home Tour 2023

Small German-ornament Christmas Tree

I lived in Germany for 18 months and now I love German Christmas decorations. Which is why I made this German-Ornament Christmas Tree. In December in Germany, there are Weihnachtsmarkts (Christmas Markets) in the middle of each town. Each Weihnachtsmarkt has booths and stands filled with Christmas decor, ornaments, goodies, and gifts. #christmastreeornaments #germanornaments

DIY wood peg nativity

Christmas Home Tour 2023

Where to find specific decorations Christmas Home Tour 2023

If you are very curious about where to find specific decorations and I didn’t mention them in the aforementioned posts and videos, feel free to comment below and ask or to email me.

Merry Christmas!



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Christmas Home Tour 2023


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