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Gift Guide for Different ‘Types’ of People on Your List

Gift Guide for Different ‘Types’ of People on Your List

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This is the time of year that my family starts divvying out names for gifts that we are going to buy for our siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles, etc. We draw names for my immediate and extended family. 

Instead of getting hundreds of gifts each year, we only give a few. By dividing names out, we save a lot of money and are able to gift a higher quality item to the recipient. This way we get to enjoy the spirit of giving to extended family and receiving from loved ones affordably. Sometimes it is hard to think of what someone would want. So I have compiled lists based on what many different ‘types’ of people would like to receive.

The Musician:
iTunes gift card.
Guitar strings, piano music, drum sticks, etc. (something that relates to the musical instrument they play.)
Documentary or book on a favorite musician.
Magazine subscription to favorite music magazine.

The Artist:
Film, Brushes, Oils, Canvas, Chalk (whatever medium they use).
Documentaries or books on experts in their field (who they admire).
Magazine subscription to a magazine in related field.
Gift certificates to art stores.
A bag or tote for art gear and supplies.
Circut Explore Air 2-  would be a must-have for any artist.


Although I am just an okay or budding artist (to put it nicely), I’ve been able to make many beautiful things with the help of my Cricut Explore Air 2.  Because of the Cricut, my projects come out looking so much more professional and beautiful.
These are some of the projects I’ve been able to make recently with my Cricut:




I have a few more art projects I’ve made with a Cricut that I will be posting on the blog soon. I love the Cricut Explore Air 2. It’s so simple to set up and use! It cuts vinyl, cardstock, poster board, paper, etc. very accurately. Finding, making and cutting designs is very straightforward and easy. The system for the cutting is very professional. It is a must have for any artsy person!

The Technology Guru:
External hard drives.
Memory cards.
Gift card to
Cellphone cover.
Extra-long cell phone charger cable.
Any software you know they’d like.
Touch screen smart gloves.
Soldering tools
Raspberry pi’s or Arduinos

(Magazines may not be the best for this type of person as they most likely get their technological information online).

The Athlete:
New sports shoes.
Gloves for colder weather (if applicable).
Useful items for the sport they play: stop watch, regular watch, goggles, sunglasses etc.
Gift certificate to (if they enter races).
Documentary or book on an athlete they admire.
Passes to ski, go to a bounce house, gym membership.
Magazine subscription to their favorite athletic magazine.

The Cook:
Silicone baking mat.

Unique cookware that stays off the counter like this.
This cutting board with a built in scale.
Ticket to a class they would want to attend on cooking or baking.
A good set of knives, or pay to have their knives sharpened.
A grill set.

The Wife/Mom/Woman:
Gift certificates to ‘date night’ outings.
Certificate for maid service.
Certificate for time away to a nail salon, hair appointment, massage (if she enjoys these things).
Certificate for car wash or detail or both.
Here is an excellent list of the TOP 21 Romantic Films that are similar to Downton Abbey and Pride and Prejudice. If you wife/mom likes either of those films anyone of these would make a great gift!

Bath tub water drain stopper
Bath tub pillow
Your phone finds your lost keys and your keys find your lost phone

Circut Explore Air 2-

I have been able to use my Cricut Explore Air 2 to create holiday cards, a wall calendar,

labels for totes and bins for organizing,

banners for a baby shower (click image below), and so much more. T

he Cricut is such an amazing machine that is easy to use and very versatile. Mothers and homemakers can use it for a variety of needs and projects.

  resuable banner2

The Dad/Man:
Gift certificate to the movies
Gift certificate to restaurants
Gift certificate for oil changes
Car wash or detail vouchers
Flying remote control Helicopters
Shoes or clothes he wants/needs

Sports Fan: 
Tickets to their favorite team’s game.
Padded and backed stadium chairs.
Sweat shirt, hat, etc. with their favorite team’s logo on it.
If there is a magazine centered on that sports team, get them a subscription.
This Mini BBQ for tailgating parties.
A grill set.

 The ‘Do It Yourself’ type

Paint supplies
Cricut Explore Air 2– there are countless ideas for DIY projects on Pinterest using the Cricut. Cricut Explore Air 2 machines cut over 100 different materials.

They can make everything from cards and gifts to party and home décor, fashion and accessories, and more! Find out more about everything the Cricut Explore Air 2 can do here.
Mod Podge
glue and tapes of all varieties
Scrapbook paper
Gift cards to craft stores

The Outdoor Enthusiast:
Walkie Talkies.
NOAA weather radio.
Gerber multipurpose tool.
Nice gloves
Magazine subscription to favorite outdoor magazine.
Sky diving simulation pass.
72 hour kit. Click here for the article I wrote on how to assemble one.
Car emergency kit. Click here for the article I wrote on how to assemble one.


Anything they are interested in (hobbies, bands, sports, etc.)
Gift cards


See gift guide for top Kids gifts under $10.00 here.

If you have any other ideas, I’d love to hear them!


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Gift Guide for Different 'Types' of People on Your List



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Tuesday 29th of November 2016

Really great list of ideas, makes it super easy to find the right gift for the right person!