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Book-Themed Easter Baskets

Book-Themed Easter Baskets

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I’ve found that by gifting books to children, they learn that they are a commodity and a novelty vs. a non-fun or non-toy item. Book-themed Easter Baskets are a great way to encourage a love of books.

As many of my readers know, I love children’s books. This is a photo of a portion of my collection. I have 3 bookcases/tote organizers full. I have even more that were in boxes (because they were too advanced for my kids reading levels) at the time this photo was taken. 

Book-Themed Easter Baskets

I got most of these books for fairly cheap. I talk about how to save thousands on children’s books here and 33 ideas on how to get children to love reading on my blog here.

I was going through my blog archives and found a blog draft (a blog post I hadn’t posted) from a few Easters ago.

Even though I’ve already posted about my kids’ $10.00 Outdoor activity Easter baskets for this year, I decided that since Easter was around the corner I’d post this one too…

A few years ago, my kids received book-themed Easter Baskets.

Book-Themed Easter Baskets

My daughter received multiple Princess books and a tiara.

Book-Themed Easter Baskets

I found Aurora’s basket, books, and tiara at a thrift store and cleaned them well with sanitizing wipes. Her basket cost about $7.00

I will link to the items on amazon for convenience.

Frozen, A Sister’s Love book 1

Frozen, A Sister’s Love book 2

Frozen, Childhood Times

Minnie Mouse Follow that Easter Bonnet


Disney’s Brave

Royally Funny Letters Written to and from Your Favorite Disney Princesses



My son received multiple Leap Frog books to go with his Leap Frog Tag reader pen.

Book-Themed Easter Baskets

I had the basket from a previous Easter and the Leap Frog books were found on a site similar to Craigslist in my area called A women was selling all of them in like new condition for around $8.00.

Again, I linked to the bundle here on Amazon: Leap Frog LeapReaders book bundle

We already had the LeapFrog Tag pen and other books I’ve found at thrift stores, garage sales, Amazon, etc.

Tip— My only complaint with the LeapFrog Tag Pen it is that it doesn’t store as many books as I’d like it to. So if you are buying a new one, I’d recommend going with the higher-storage versions.

Anyway, my kids loved their Easter baskets and were excited to read new books. 

With some added candy, I was happy that both baskets cost less than $10.00 each!

I try to make sure to give books as often as occasion permits: Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and as rewards for good grades, etc. So it made me happy that they were still so excited to be gifted books. 

I allow them to earn books too. For example, when my son gets good reports from school, he gets to choose a book from the school’s book fair.

We like a lot of the kids classic books that I even read while growing up, however some of the newer books coming out are just awesome.

A few of our new favorites that my son earned from good reports this year are Jack B Ninja and Pete the Cat’s World Tour.

Jack B. Ninja book

Pete the Cat's World Tour


Reading with a child (even if you are just listening to audio books in the car) is a great bonding experience and encourages imagination and intellectual growth.

Book Themed Easter Baskets are a great way to promote learning and literacy… and of course, make kids happy.

Happy Easter!


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Book-Themed Easter Baskets

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