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50 Easy Crafts for an Elementary Halloween Party

50 Easy Crafts for an Elementary Halloween Party

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50 Easy Crafts for an Elementary Halloween Party

It’s never too early to start planning for the Halloween crafts that can be made during Halloween parties.

Although the kids will be excited to consume candy, I have rounded up at least 50 great craft activities that should get them equally as excited. These crafts are easy and should be fairly affordable for an elementary Halloween party.

1. Glo-in-the-dark Halloween Balloons –  Easy and fun to make.

Glo-in-the-dark Halloween Balloons

2. Halloween Cereal Necklaces and Bracelets – Easy, quick, and yummy Halloween craft.

Halloween Cereal Necklaces and Bracelets


3. DIY Gauze Ghosts – Easy if materials are ready and there is time for the ghosts to dry overnight.

DIY Gauze Ghosts

4. Candy Corn Monster Craft for Halloween – This is a fun and easy Halloween craft.

Candy Corn Monster Halloween Craft for Kids


5. Hermoine’s Wand or any Harry Potter Wand the child chooses – This is a fun DIY project that can be made with kids using chopsticks, hot glue, and paint. It is fast, fun, and can be made for little to no cost.

Hermoine Wand

6. Wooden Peg Ghost Dolls – These are cute and easy crafts to make with kids.

Wooden Peg Ghost Dolls


7. Spider Web Decoration – Simple handprint spider to the web craft.

Spider Web Decoration

8. Candy Corn Party Hats – This is perfect for Halloween parties and playtime.

Candy Corn Party Hat

9. DIY Monsters Bookmarks – This would be fun to do with the kids.

DIY Monster Corner Bookmark


10. Apple Stamping Pumpkin Craft – A fun activity for the kids.

Apple Stamping Pumpkin Craft

11. Halloween Party Poppers – These are the ultimate Halloween party favors.

Halloween Party Poppers

12. DIY Halloween Puzzles – Made of popsicle sticks with little pictures drawn on both sides.

DIY Halloween Puzzle Craft

13. Rainbow Paper Tube Bats – These are simple and easy to make.

Rainbow Paper Tube Bats

14. Haunted House Paper Bag – This can be made with a lunch bag and scrapbooking supplies.

Haunted House Paper Bag

15. Mini Witch Broomsticks– easy, inexpensive, and quick mini witch broomsticks (video tutorial at link).

Easy Dollar Tree Witches Broom – These broomsticks are a bit larger to make but may work for an elementary craft as well.

Easy Dollar Tree Witches Broom


16. Coffee Filter Ghost Lollipops – Cute and easy.

Easy Halloween Ghost Pops Lollipops

17. Spider Pencils – This is a quick and easy Halloween craft.

Spider Pencils

18. Simple Accordion Fold Paper Bat CraftSimple and fun to make.

Paper Bat Craft

19. DIY Pool Noodle Pumpkins – A fun craft to make with kids.

Pool Noodle Pumpkins Stackj

20. Cute Clothespin Button Bat Craft – A fun and versatile Halloween craft.

Clothespin Button Bat

21. Skull Bean Art for Halloween – It’s made with real beans and is easy for both kids and adults.

Skull Bean Art for Halloween

22. Yarn Wrapped Mummy Craft – Kids will love making this.

Yarn Wrapped Mummy

23. Spider Web Craft – Fun and easy that encourages fine motor skills practice.

Yarn and Popsicle Stick Spider Webs

24. Skeleton craft – This is incredibly easy to make.

Skeleton Craft

25. Paper Pumpkins – Use strips of card stock or construction paper to make this craft.

Paper Pumpkins

26. Puffy Ghosts – This craft is a super simple Halloween craft for kids.

Puffy Ghosts

27. Mummy Paper PlateFun and inexpensive.

Mummy Plates

28. Monster Buttons  A fun and simple Kids Halloween Craft idea.

Monster Buttons

29. Paper Halloween Luminaries Simple and easy crafts for kids.

Paper Halloween Luminaries

30. Halloween Stress Balls – Easy to make with ordinary supplies.

Halloween Calm Down Balls Stress Balls Balloons

31. Pine Cone Spiders – This nature craft is perfect for home and school crafts.

Pine Cone Spider

32. Black Cat Craft Easy craft kids can make.

Black Cat

33. Halloween Craft Spooky Rings – Fun, inexpensive, and easy to make.

Halloween Craft Spooky Rings

34. Halloween Rocks – Fun and simple Halloween craft.

Halloween Rocks

35. Straw Blown Ghosts – Quick and easy Halloween craft for toddlers.

Straw Blown Ghost

36. Sparkly and Lacy Yarn Spider Webs – Beautiful and unique.

Lacy Yarn

37. Hanging Ghosts – These are an awesome addition to your party and interior decorations for the season.

Hanging Ghosts

38. Confetti Dipped Pumpkins – The pumpkins are totally adorable.

DIY Confetti Dipped Pumpkins

39. Pony Bead Pumpkins – These are so much fun for the kids to make.

Pony Beads Pumpkins

40. Paper Plate Witch Hat – Kids will love this.

Halloween Witch Hat Craft for Kids

41. Snow Globe – Make a snow globe and substitute it with a Halloween figurine!

42. Halloween Pony Beads – Kids and the whole family can participate in this DIY project.

Halloween Pony Beads

43. Bat Witch Pumpkin Zombie Pirate – This is a great activity for kids to develop their own imagination.

Bat Pumpkin

44. Handprint Haunted House – Creative haunted house handprint craft.

Handprint Haunted House Craft

45. Paper Cup Flying Ghost Craft – A super fun, spooky interactive Halloween craft.

Flying Ghosts

46. Halloween Silhouette Art – Quick to put together for kids Halloween craft activity.

Halloween Silhouette Art

47. Frankenstein Handprints Craft – Easy and cute Halloween craft for toddlers and preschool.

Frankenstein Handprints

48. Spider Web Suncatcher Craft – A fun craft for kids.

Spider Web Suncatcher

49. Coffee Filter Bats – Simple to create and use stuff you already have.

Coffee Filter Bats

50. Paper Pumpkin People – Easy and fun Halloween craft.

Cute Pumpkin People

51. Spider Headband – Cool and easy craft.

Spider Headband

52. Paper Plate Spiders – Simple to make and kids will love them.

Paper Plate Spiders

I hope you enjoyed checking out these 50 Easy Crafts for an Elementary Halloween Party!

Happy crafting!


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50 Easy Crafts for an Elementary Halloween Party


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