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Elf on the Shelf: Oh Christmas Tree

Elf on the Shelf: Oh Christmas Tree

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Elf on the Shelf: Oh Christmas Tree.

How does an Elf on the Shelf go Christmas Tree shopping?

In a one-horse open sleigh of course.

They take their sleigh ride over the river and through the wood and dash through the snow until they spot their oh-so-lovely Christmas Tree.

At least that’s about how my daughter summed it up when she described it to me in the morning. 

She said that our elves rode their horse and sleigh to the forest.

Then they parked their horse and walked to the Christmas tree they choose.

Winter held up the lantern

meanwhile Pepper used his saw to cut the tree.

Pepper is wearing his earmuffs and goggles from his snowmobiling scene last year.

They were both wearing their Santa coats from this Jingle Bell Rock scene.

Winter had a beautiful white hat on.

They left a note that said: 

“O Christmas Tree,  O Christmas Tree, How lovely are thy branches.”

It looked so dreamy.

Supply List for this Elf on the Shelf: Oh Christmas Tree scene.

Horse and Sleigh:

2 small red sequins
the handle of a paper bag for reins and bridle
wire and bells to adorn the horse’s tail and mane and to hitch the horse to the sleigh.
The snow and forest
Fake snow sprinkles were in our craft bin and were bought from Dollar Tree.
Fake snow blankets were found in our Christmas bin. They were used for our Red Truck mantel that we had a few years ago.
Indoor snowballs were given to us by our friends last year and we also bought some more for my son’s Polar Bear Themed party.

Miniature Santa suits (Santa Suit Pick by Ashland) These are a great fit for Elf on the Shelf …I would look on Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari, etc. if they no longer sell them at Michael’s.

Saw from the Barbie Chelsea Can Be Playset (6-in) Hard Hat, Tool Belt, Goggles, Saw, Hammer, Wrench, and toolbox

Googles and ear muffs from this post

Freeze stands him

White hat from Santa doll
Miniature Santa suits (Santa Suit Pick by Ashland) These are a great fit for Elf on the Shelf
old lantern from Santa doll Michaels 2021
printer, ink, printer paper

How the elves probably set up this Elf on the Shelf: Oh Christmas Tree scene:

They probably took the blanket of faux snow and the horse and sleigh from other Elf on the Shelf scenes. I try to describe how I think they put it all together in this post.
Then they set up these four flocked trees, well they cut one down, so three were set up and one was placed on the faux snow.
Next Pepper is holding a saw and Winter a lantern. Their Santa coat picks are helping them stay upright as well as their freeze frames. Pepper is wearing ear muffs and goggles and Winter a white hat and green scarf to stay warm.
Well, that’s it for this one. It looked like since they had everything almost ready for this scene that this one was pretty quick for them to set up.
To see more details, check out the video of this scene in the blog post.

To see more Elf on the Shelf ideas check out this post here. I’ll be adding more this December as well.

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Elf on the Shelf: Oh Christmas Tree



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