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10 Ways to Save Big on Halloween Costumes

10 Ways to Save Big on Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing my kids up and attending parties, carving pumpkins, and eating caramel apples. Although many costumes can be expensive, here are 10 ways to save big on Halloween costumes.

1- Borrow costumes from a friend. 

Ask friends if they have any old costumes that they’d be willing to allow you to borrow. My mom has a costume closet because she is a drama major and has directed many plays. Each year, neighbor kids and friends come over to her house and find a costume to wear. It was very fun for us to be able to share her costumes with those we knew growing up. In fact, I still raid her closet each year to find something to wear or for my kids to wear. A few years ago, I was an Elf from Lord of the Rings and it didn’t cost me anything. I was actually an elf two years in a row (once when my kids were hobbits and once when they weren’t)—because I liked the costume so much.

10 Ways to Save Big on Halloween Costumes

2- Buy the costumes on sale in early November.

Early November costumes are usually 50-75% off. If you know what size and costume you want for next year this is a great strategy to save. You can also find reasonable Halloween costumes on Amazon here or ZuLilly here.

3- Shop at thrift stores.

I’ve gotten my kid’s costumes the last few years from thrift stores. I usually save a bag to donate before I go and get a 20-30% off at Savers as well. I found these two costumes last year for less than $5.00 each.

10 Ways to Save Big on Halloween Costumes

4- Shop at consignment stores.

Kid to Kid and other consignment stores have costumes from $3-$10 a piece.

5- Make a costume from home.

I am a huge fan of making a costumes at home. Here are a few I’ve made. Sometimes this is inexpensive, sometimes not. I typically look for things I already have and try to make a costume from that. Careful to watch your budget—those trips to JoAnns add up!
10 Ways to Save Big on Halloween Costumes

How to make a Frodo Baggins costume

How to make a baby hobbit costume


How to make a Russell and a Mr. Fredericksen costume

6- Rent a costume from a local play house or costume rental store.

If you want an elaborate-show-stopper-type costume renting from a local play house or costume rental can really save you money rather than buying or making one.

7- Trade costumes with friends or family.

Get together with friends who have kids your similar ages and do a costume swap. My friend did incredibles one year with her family. She gave me all the costumes. I think we may try for next year to use them.

8- Garage sale

Look for costumes at garage sales. I’ve seen some very awesome homemade and store bought costumes for $1.00 or $2.00 at garage sales.

9- Classifieds 

Scan the classifieds like Craigslist and for costumes. Bonus- Sell your old ones to make money.

10- Repurpose what you have

For many years I was a cow girl. I have cow girl boots, jeans, a plaid shirt and a cowgirl hat. I didn’t have to go out and get anything. You could use an ugly sweater from an office party and be an ugly sweater for halloween. A white sheet and rope could make a Greek goddess or even a ghost. You could wear snow gear and be a snowboarder or dress in a tennis outfit and carry around a tennis racket. The possibilities really are endless. A lot of people wear clothes they have and add fake blood and face makeup to make it more ‘Halloweenish’. 

I hope that you have a great time looking for costumes. 

Happy Halloween!

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10 Ways to Save Big on Halloween Costumes


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