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Encanto Birthday Party Activities

Encanto Birthday Party Activities

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Encanto Birthday Party Activities.

I held a birthday party for my daughter and we did an Encanto-themed party.

These are the Encanto Birthday party activities we did as well as additional ideas I have thought of that would work with the theme.

Please keep in mind that this party is for a 7-year-old and her first-grade friends. I did not attempt to make this 100% culturally accurate or 100% Disney-based. I did a mixture of both AND I also threw in some other ideas of activities I thought could be fun.

These were the activities that I thought would be fun for the girls and also within my budget and their age range/skill-set.

Encanto birthday party activities

1- We assembled pinwheels.

In Mirabel’s basket, she has pinwheels.

So, I ordered a pack of 100 and each girl put two together. They were able to take them home as favors.

Encanto birthday party activities pin wheels

2- We decorated party hats.

See the post here for how to mod Podge party hats with the free printable which matches the ones from the movie.

Making the party hats resemble the ones in Mirabel’s basket would be fun to do with older kids.

Encanto birthday party activities party hat

For this age group, the girls just put Encanto stickers on their party hats to decorate them.

3- Gift Ceremony.

As the girls ate the food, I called them up gave them a candle, and read aloud their own special ‘gift’ that I had prepared for them.

This Post has the free handout/printable of gifts or gift ideas.

Encanto birthday party activities favor


4- The girls danced.

I turned up the music and the girls danced to, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and other fun songs from the movie’s soundtrack.

Encanto birthday party activities

5- We ate from the food table.

If curious, you can click the link to see what I put on the food table.

Encanto birthday party activities food table

6- We decorated maracas.

I bought Encanto stickers and plain maracas and the girls placed the stickers on the maracas and mod podged under and over them.

Encanto birthday party activities decorated maracas

While this activity worked for me when I tried it beforehand…it didn’t really work out that well for the girls.

The stickers and mod podge didn’t dry soon enough so some of the maracas stuck to their drying paper plates.

Also, the larger stickers didn’t want to fit on the rounded surface.

Encanto birthday party activities

So, I’d advise not doing this activity.

Instead, I’d recommend painting maracas or teaching the party attendees how to use a maraca to make music. I would do this using a simple song or a Youtube instructional tutorial.

Encanto birthday party activities stickers

7- We had cake and opened up presents.

I made a Mirabel cake and an Isabela cake.

Encanto birthday party cake

So, the girls ate cake and then my daughter opened presents.

Encanto birthday party activities cake

8- We had a game of limbo as we waited for our parents to arrive.

The girls played limbo with a large broomstick (removed from the broom) and we played music in the background. They had fun playing limbo.

9- The girls collected their favors in paper bags and headed home.

Encanto birthday party activities favor paper bags


ADDITIONAL ideas for Encanto Birthday Party Activities…

Make tie-dye flowers…

Had we had a smaller group we could have made these darling Crayola Steam paper dye flowers.

Encanto birthday party activities

My daughter made them for the tables and party decor and they would have been so perfect to do as a group—had we had fewer girls.

Encanto birthday party activities party decor

The kits were expensive and I would’ve had to order 3-4 kits.

Also, I didn’t want dye spilled or tracked everywhere in our home, so that’s why I didn’t do this activity but I was wishing we could have made it work somehow.

Sew or Crochet

Another Idea I had, had we had a smaller group (there were 19 party attendees), was to teach the girls how to crochet.

Mirabel is so skilled with yarn designs and sewing that it would have been fun to do a crochet, sewing, or yarn activity.

Encanto birthday party activities Sew

Balero lessons

Another fun activity you could try would be to teach the party attendees how to use baleros and practice with them. 

Encanto birthday party activities balero lessons

Weight lifting

If you have older kids, you could maybe do some sort of weightlifting competition.

Encanto birthday party activities weight lifting competition

Pin the tail on the donkey.

This traditional party game would go well with the theme because of how many times donkeys are mentioned and shown in Encanto.

Encanto birthday party Zoo

Flower arranging lesson.

If you have older kids, a flower arranging lesson would fit with the theme because of Isabela’s love of flower design which would be educational and fun!

Isabela Encanto Barbie Cake

Trip to the Zoo

I’m sure many children would relate well to Antonio’s love of animals.  Throwing the party at the Zoo would be a fun way to celebrate and there are endless activities built into the zoo already!

Encanto Birthday party at the zoo


If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments below!

Encanto Birthday Party

I hope these Encanto Birthday Party Activities work for your party!


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Thanks for stopping by! Come again soon.



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Encanto Birthday Party Activities


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Friday 29th of December 2023

I am throwing my 3yo an Encanto party this weekend!

The activities planed are: 1-Encanto Candle: I painted toilet paper holders white and they're going to decorate it using glitter glue. I have a picture of the candle for display as reference if they wanted to be identical. 2-I cut out pieces of a donkey and they get to piece it together with glue or tape and adding eyes on him. 3-We're going to make Mirabel glasses from pipe cleaners! I got a muti-color pack in case they wanted to do a different color besides green. 4-I printed off a bunches of the characters, candles, and Encanto themed coloring pages. 5-As a back up, I have mini canvas they can paint the flowers on. I may or may not pre draw flowers on them for a guide since they're so young.

For decorations: 1-I used a cricut to cut out butterflys on colored cardstock to hang from ceiling. 2-I used a cricut to also cut out a mexican style bannter on colored cardstock and taped to fishing line. 3-Taped brown craft paper to a door and drew my daughter "her door'. Is themed like those from Encanto, but has things shes likes in it instead a gift like in the movie. 4-Wrapping our island in a ruffled table cloth skirt.

For food: 1-Tacos, dah! Will have other small items for the picky eaters. 2-Doing cupcakes with green icing, but topping with green sugar glass candy. (Bruno's vision) 3-Attemping to also make a Mirabel barbie cake.

Wish me luck!