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15 Kid-Friendly Christmas Decorations

15 Kid-Friendly Christmas Decorations

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If you have children these kid-friendly Christmas Decorations can bring peace of mind to you about your Christmas decor.

In the past when I would decorate for Christmas, I would have to put almost everything we owned up high. Eventually, there were not enough high places to put things on! So, I started making and buying kid-friendly Christmas decor. I noticed that my children began enjoying Christmas much more. So, I wanted to share some of our favorites here.

My kids have loved these 15 Christmas decorations and crafts and yours may as well…

1. Wood Peg Doll Nativity- 

My daughter and I made this nativity and my kids have played with it often since. It has held up incredibly well and I love to watch them interacting with the Nativity. If anything were to break it would be easily fixable or replaceable.

Get the tutorial here.

2- Use shatterproof ornaments on the bottom half of the Christmas tree-

We have this blue and white Christmas tree

and this Santa-themed Christmas tree

Both of our Christmas trees have shatterproof ornaments on the bottom few feet.

This obviously helps keep the glass ornaments out of reach from those who are prone to break them.

I found that the Christmas trees still look really nice even if you mix glass and plastic, glass going on the top and plastic shatterproof ornaments going on the bottom.

To see how many ornaments you need for the height of the tree check out this ornament guide.

3. Plastic snowglobes-

My kids and I love snowglobes. I’m always worried about them breaking, so we made these plastic snowglobes together. It was a fun craft to do with my 8 and 10-year-old.

I made some with water and some without and I preferred the ones without the water—especially for kid-friendliness. 

Making these plastic snowglobes with and without water works and neither will break and shatter if/when dropped.

Get the tutorial here.

4. Dollar Tree Christmas House Mini Christmas Village,  &  Cobblestone Corners Christmas Village Accessories sets added to a white sheet, faux snow, and Christmas lights-

5. A Snowman filled with a snowman-making kit– Not only does this kit supply a great activity (it has a plastic carrot, buttons, etc.)-

but the plastic snowman can be used as decoration on its own. Our Elf used it for a Do you want to build a snowman day.

For example, I filled it with marshmallows and repurposed as kid-friendly Christmas decorations in the form of a yummy snowman for this kid snowman tablescape. If you can’t find it on Amazon try Ebay and Mercari.

6. Indoor Snowballs- My kids like to play with these indoor snowballs and I like to use them to decorate with…

such as this kids’ Polar Express Tablescape

and making this cute snowman that we’ve used as decoration…

and our elves liked using the indoor snowballs for their Elf on the Shelf indoor snowball fight scene.

Elf on the Shelf: Snowball Fight

Plus, the indoor snowballs provide kids with a fun indoor activity too.

7. Wall felt Christmas Tree for kids-

This is a fun tree that kids can play with.

8. Christmas Red Truck Hotwheels

Restoring Hotwheels to fit a Christmas theme is a fun craft project and my kids love to play with these as well.

This Christmas red truck hot wheels restoration craft is fun, inexpensive and quick. Plus, they make really cute decorations when finished. I don’t always decorate with “trendy” decorations. However, I couldn’t help but decorate in the Red Truck Christmas theme this year. It is the right balance of vintage and cutesy, fun and classy.

9. DIY Snowglobe Ornaments

These are great ornaments to hang from the bottom branches of Christmas trees as kids love to look and play with them, they are inexpensive and are fairly indestructible.

10. Christmas Woodblock Presents-

These woodblock presents are fairly indestructible, inexpensive, and easy to make.

I made these D.I.Y. Wood Christmas Presents. They are very simple and inexpensive. Further they are durable and will hold up for years—even with little kids in the house. Standing alone they look great. I also really like the wood Christmas presents displayed next to my Santa. #christmas #christmasdecor

11. Christmas window stickers-

Sticking Christmas window stickers on doors and windows is a great activity and makes for fun decorations for young kids. 

12. Gingerbread houses

We love to decorate gingerbread houses at our house.

We usually decorate them in early December and set them out as decoration throughout the month.

I like to make my gingerbread houses pretty elaborate so they are nice to look at throughout the month. 

13. Christmas Crochet Kit– 

This is a fun kid-friendly craft for older children and once made it would make great decoration.

14. Ugly sweaters kit for kids-

This is another craft that can be displayed as kid-friendly Christmas decor. My kids and I made ugly Christmas sweaters out of kits and then displayed them…

on this ugly Christmas Sweater tablescape.

15. Christmas pillows

My kids love pillows and a gingerbread pillow, Snoopy Christmas stuffy, or Christmas Squishmallow would be fun kid-friendly decor.


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15 Kid-Friendly Christmas Decorations


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