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Peter Rabbit Adults’ Tablescape

Peter Rabbit Adults’ Tablescape

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Peter Rabbit Adults’ Tablescape

When I host parties I love to decorate different tables for adult guests and kids.

Growing up, I would often go to extended family parties. There were usually always tables designated for the kids and for the adults. 

My cousin and I who are the same age and have always been the best of friends would often joke while we were at family parties that the adults’ conversations were so boring. We used to say very often, “The adults only talk about business, politics, and sports”. 

I think back fondly on how the conversations were so much better at the kids’ tables—of course this was when I myself was a kid; I now prefer sitting with adults and talking about those topics.

So, that is why I continue separating the kids and the adults when I host.

My son turned one and we had a Peter Rabbit birthday party to celebrate.

The Kids’ Peter Rabbit tablescape was childish and fun. It was easy to put together. 

When I began decorating the adults’ tablescape I wanted it to be whimsical—to stay true to the Peter Rabbit theme—, but I also aimed to add a little sophistication as well.

Supply List for this Peter Rabbit Adults’ Tablescape

2- 6′ Folding tables

12 white banquet folding chairs (I bought these used for $4.00 each on local classifieds from a banquet company who were purchasing new chairs. I purchased 34 because we host a lot! We’ve been using them about once a month for 3 years now).

Rolls of flooring paper, scissors and packaging tape

Scalloped edged clear plates

White plastic dinner plates—Costco

Clear plastic cutlery—Costco

Clear cups—Smith’s

Peter Rabbit napkins (Burke Decor)—I bought 2 packs of 20 for this party.

Peter Rabbit Cupcake liners (Burke Decor)—12 out of the 24 that came with the pack.

Dried floral cream colored. This floral was free, I got it from my yard for these floral arrangements.

Billy button stems (I used half of this bundle)

Green moss bunnies $1.50 each at Target (similar here)

Aspen Candlestick Holders (handmade tutorial) you can purchase similar here.

Mini vases $1.00 each at Target.

Bunny tails (I had these). Similar can be found here.

White glass bunnies $1.50 or $3.00 each (depending on size) at Target. Similar here

Easter baskets (I had them already).

Crate/wood box purchased at Dollar Tree.

Twine wrapped carrots 4 packs of five carrots purchased at Dollar Tree.

Taper candles purchased at Dollar Tree for this tablescape.

Floral foam 

To make the bunny tails stand up straight out of the Aspen candle stick holders, I stuffed them with a tiny bit of floral foam. I had the foam on hand and just broke off a little from blocks of foam I had and stuffed it in. Then I added the bunny tails. The floral foam held the bunny tails well.

Buttermints in pastel purchased at Dollar Tree.

How to Put Together this Peter Rabbit Adults’ Tablescape

To begin, we used two 6′ tables and covered them with rolls of brown/tan flooring paper left over from our remodel of home 2.

My daughter and I wrapped and taped it onto the tables.

I really liked the natural earthy look it gave the party.

It also matched the color of Peter Rabbit’s fur which further tied in the napkins.

Another benefit to using this paper as tablecloths was that it was easy to crumple up and throw out when we were finished with it.

I had my daughter set the table with clear and white cutlery, plates and glasses. I chose this because its what we had on hand and the setting wasn’t formal enough to use my white china.

We placed a Peter Rabbit napkin in the center of the clear scalloped plastic plates and put those on top of the plastic white dinner plates from Costco.

We also took the cupcake liners and repurposed them to be favors that held pastel-colored buttermints.

We put a few mints in each cupcake liner.

It was a really great favor for the adults as most of them ate the mints.

Then, for the decor, I simply took the items from this Modern Rustic Easter Mantel and transferred them to the Peter Rabbit Adults Tablescape.

I arranged them to run down the center of the table.

The only things that I added/removed from my mantel were, I put the ceramic watering can on the food table and I added another small basket with the orange-twine-carrots on both of the table ends to balance the tablescape out.

It was so easy and obviously inexpensive to just reuse everything on my Easter mantel for this tablescape. 

I did a similar thing —just reversed— for my Kids’ Easter Tablescape and Minimal Easter Tablescape;  I turned the items used on these tablescapes into Easter Entryway decoration.

I just moved most of the items from the tablescapes when my early-March-Easter-party was over to my entryway table.

It was simple, quick, and free to assemble because I just rearranged my decorations.

Re-using and repurposing items saves so much on out-of-pocket expenses for hosting, throwing parties, and holiday decor.

It also can save a lot of time—it only took me a few minutes to set the Peter Rabbit Adults’ table.

That’s all there was to setting up the tablescape.

I received a lot of compliments on this party, but better than that, the kids, adults, and the birthday boy had a great time!









Check back in the coming week or two for the posts about this Peter Rabbit Birthday Party with specifics on items used, tutorials, and more.

I hope this post serves useful for creating a Peter Rabbit Adults’ Tablescape!


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Peter Rabbit Adults' Tablescape


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