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How to Make Money as an At-Home Airline Representative


How to Make Money as an At-Home Airline Representative

Today’s Money-Making Stay at Home Mom is Terri Shaw. I grew up in her same neighborhood. Her family and mine have been good friends for years. Terri has been working as an Airline Representative from home for almost 6 years. She shares how she got started and what the protocol is for working for JetBlue airlines.

I have looked into other airlines that offer stay at home jobs. Here are a few that I have found: JetBlue Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and others. Some require that you live within a certain distance of an office and others do not.

After reading Terri’s job description and experience, if you are interested in finding a similar position I recommend either calling the airlines or Googling each airline for the job openings they have.

Welcome Terri…

Q. What inspired you to begin working from home?

  A. I was in a job for 8 years, and needed a change.

Q. How did you go about starting your business or arranging a work at home position?

A. I can’t remember how I heard that JetBlue was hiring. When I did I had a strong feeling it was something I should do. I created a profile online at and received a phone call informing me that I had made it to the next part of the interview. The interview was over the phone. I answered some customer service oriented questions and scenarios. Then I went in for an interview (in person), a type test, and took a drug test.

I was hired and training took place a few weeks later. Training was 8 hours a day, and in-center. It is an intense course geared to help you succeed and learn quickly.

After you complete training you are provided a computer. Each crewmember must provide internet and phone line. Once they receive their equipment, work is done from home.

Q. What are some tips you would like to share with others who are interested in doing something similar?

A. People who ask about my job assume because I am home, I can work when I want and have flexibility. In some respects this is true–you can wake up, and go to the computer in pajamas, and shower on breaks. The part most do not realize is, what I do requires being on the phone. I log into a main system that monitors to the minute when I am working. Calls are gated to me, and I have to provide a business like environment that has no children or other distracting noises in the back ground.

Being home is great, but you should have a realistic idea of what that means. If you have older kids who don’t need constant supervision, this is a great way to work from home. Someone with an infant or toddler would still need to find daycare or balance their schedule to ensure they can provide a professional work environment.

Q. How many hours do you work a week or how much of your time does this position require? Is it flexible? Is it consistent?

A. I currently work 24 hours a week which is (4) six hour days. In past shift bids I have opted for (3) 8 hour shifts. Every 3 months crewmembers bid, selecting a number of schedules you are willing to work. Bids are processed in the order of seniority and you are notified which choice you receive for your next 3 month shift.

I have been at JetBlue for almost 6 years, and have yet to get a schedule with an entire weekend off. I choose Sundays off, and this means that I have always worked Saturdays.

We get paid time off (PTO), and are able to trade shifts, or give them away to other crewmembers to better accommodate events in our lives. Insurance benefits are offered to those who work full-time only.

If we are slow, the company will give “VTO” (voluntary time off without pay) voluntarily to those who want time off. On rare occasions when weather events severely affect air travel, JetBlue will notify us of a code “Yellow” asking for crewmembers to pick up over-time. When operations are severely impacted, we may get notification of a code “Red”. This means mandatory over-time , and the amount required to work can vary.

Q. When/how do you find the time to work?

 A. Although I work from home, I must work my scheduled shift just as I would for any job.

Q. Are there certain tips/advice you’d want to share with others who wants to start working like you?

A. If you enjoy a social environment it’s great. You get some socialization talking to customers on the phone. However, you also experience frustrated and sometimes rude customers so be aware of that.

Currently they exclusively hire for the SLC area or Orlando for work at home reservation crewmembers. You must be close enough to drive to the center within an hour (I think that is the time frame, I am not positive) if you should have technical issues such as computer not working or internet outage. If you are not able to correct this by phone with the technical support provided, you are expected to head into the center to complete your shift.

Q. Was training/schooling required for the position? How/when did you complete it?

A. With JetBlue you must take a typing test, and have good verbal skills, as well as problem solving skills. Initially, a drug test is mandatory and can be given randomly.

Q. What is the income percentage you bring in? or Does the income help a little, a good amount, or is the main source of your family’s income?

A. The beginning pay for reservation crewmembers is fair to average. JetBlue provides ample opportunity to advance, and I have found supervisors helpful and supportive of those with goals to move up in the company.

I bring in medium income into our family. In 6 years, I have increased my hourly wage by 50%, mostly because I applied for, and was advanced to a different position at JetBlue in a higher pay range.

For adventurous people, the travel benefits are great. JetBlue supports some amazing causes. I am proud to work for a company that cares and contributes to our community and embraces humanity.  I like having stock options and retirement secured for later in life.

 I love JetBlue, and the values the company embraces!

Thank you again Terri! We appreciate you sharing this valuable information with us.

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25 Responses to How to Make Money as an At-Home Airline Representative

  1. Vania Thomas says:

    I think this is very informative even if you’re not a stay at home mom and just looking for other means to make extra money for your household. Thank you very much.

    • Anita Fowler says:

      Vania- You are so welcome 🙂 Yes it could work for anyone who is interested in making more income!

    • Quianna Reeves says:

      i am interested in becoming an at home airline representative. If you have any information as to the steps for employment for the at home representative, please let me know.

      Thank you

  2. Rachel N says:

    Wonderful information! I used to be a flight attendant and love the airline business, now that I have a family, I’d love a home based job, but still be in the airline industry. How would I go about applying for such a position? Thanks!

    • Anita Fowler says:

      Rachel- JetBlue was recently hiring. You can go to their website and see if they still are. I think the best way to see if other airlines are hiring at-home representatives is to first check their website under jobs/employment. If you can’t find anything there, call them. I know that American Airlines and Delta as well as JetBlue hire for At-Home Representatives. You can also try other airlines as well. Good luck!

  3. Vanisha Rogers says:

    This is interesting in this type of work, along with beachbody coach. How do I go about applying for these position?

  4. Nakita Brown says:

    What wonderful information to have stumbled on!!
    I am in Orlando & would love the freedom of staying at home.

  5. Michelle Gutierrez says:

    Hi, I’m interested in a job just like this. How do I contact someone directly.

    • Anita Fowler says:

      Michelle- I have been instructed to advise you to contact the airlines directly…sorry I don’t have more specific information. In the article the airlines that we know hire for this position are mentioned. I recommend checking out their websites. Thanks!

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  7. Jackie says:

    Hello there!

    This seems like an older post but would you happen to know which airlines allow for remote work internationally and not just in their home city area? I recently got invited to come into an interview with Alaska Airlines in Arizona but found out only after asking them that I would need to reside within 100 miles of the office even if I am permitted to work from home.

    I would like to find a career somewhere in in Customer Service that would all me to work from most places around the world that has an internet connection and home office like setting. Any insight or tips are much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  8. Zulema Dewitz says:

    Go to:

    You do have to complete training at their Salt Lake City Support Center before starting work from home.

  9. mauro godinez says:

    Hi there:

    I just want to know how i can get a job as a Customer support (from home)for JET BLUE , I just checked that page out but I could not sent my application on line ..Could you help me please? …or if you know about another Airline I could get a job like this please let me know.
    thanks a lot .
    have a good week

  10. Linda says:

    Hi! I can’t find how to aply for an online job with an airline? could you please let me ?
    thank you!

  11. gwen crutcher says:

    for the job that does customer’s laundry. Do you set the price or do the customer set the price for doing their laundry

  12. Vankesha Isaac says:

    Hello, how are you? I am so inspired by this website and this article. I am really looking for more entrepreneurial opportunities as always, but most of all being able to spend more time with my family.

    How did you go about becoming an at home airline representative? I think that this is something that I can definitely look forward to.

  13. pottery barn says:

    Hi there, You’ve done a great job. I will certainly digg it
    and personally recommend to my friends. I’m confident they will be benefited
    from this web site.

  14. Wow there’s a lot on the list but definitely worth it. Thanks for posting this one.

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