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Top Professional and Credible Ways to Make Money From Home

Top Professional and Credible Ways to Make Money From Home

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A lot of people are searching for ways to increase their income. Yet, it is hard to know which jobs are legitimate, trustworthy, and how to get started. So instead of just listing what jobs there are out there, I reached out to over 30 people who actually do make money doing the jobs below. They were interviewed and all asked the same helpful questions to help you determine if it is something you’d like to do.

If you click the links below, you will be taken to an interview of at least one, sometimes two people I know who work in the capacity listed.  So please bookmark this, or pin it as a resource because I will continue to add jobs to this list. Most of these jobs (not all) can be done from home. If you work from home, what you do is not listed yet, and you want to be interviewed, please reach out. I do compensate moderately for your participation. Please comment or email me.

Series 1: Medical Billing

Series 2: Starting an Online Business

Series 3: Housecleaning

Series 4: Cosmetology

Series 5: At-Home Airline Assistant

Series 6: Become an At-Home Employee

Series 7: Beachbody Coaching– removed

Series 8: Freelance Writing

Series 9: Run an at-Home Daycare

Series 10: Write and Self-Publish an eBook Part 1 & Part 2

Series 11: Teach Music Lessons from Home

Series 12: Distribute a Product You Love

Series 13: Blogging

Series 14: Become a Virtual Assistant

Series 15: Buying and Reselling Cheap Finds

Series 16: Become an Editor

Series 17: How to Make Money as a Transcriptionist

Series 18: How to Write and Publish a Paperback or Hardback Book

Series 19: Do Online Tech Support from Home

Series 20: Graphic Design

Series 21: Sell Your Own Sheet Music Part 1 and Part 2

Series 22: Start a Preschool from Home

Series 23: Start Your Own Boutique

Series 24: How to Make Money on YouTube

Series 25: Take Legitimate Online Surveys

Series 26: Open an Etsy Shop

Series 27: Become a Photographer

Series 28: Become a Property Manager

Series 29: Make Money Locally Teaching a Talent, Sport, or Hobby

Series 30: Substitute Teaching

Series 31: Sell Shaklee (MLM)-removed

Series 32: Review Websites for UserTesting

Series 33: Sell Mary Kay(MLM)-removed

Series 34: Become an Affiliate with Spark Naturals Essential Oils

Series 35: Quilting and Embroidery

Series 36: Make Money by Doing Laundry for Others through Laundry Care

more coming…pin or bookmark for more.

Although this is part of my Money-Making Stay-at-Home Mom series, I have interviews lined up with men and other women that will be coming soon.

Looking to just land a job?  I used to be a hiring manager and wrote this article Top 7 Proven Ways to Get Hired  which may be helpful for you.

Top 7 Proven Ways to Get Hired

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Top Professional and Credible Ways to Make Money From Home



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Red at

Wednesday 4th of March 2015

Nice tips and a lot of them. They might also try using credit cards that pay cash rebates when they use them.